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Supporting you Small Group Leader, with curriculum, where to get courses resources, all your administration and training needs, event ideas and Parties!


We are Bible-based followers of Jesus Christ in the way, that’s it.

About Solid Ground Training

Supporting all denominations as we celebrate diversity and pray for divisions to be healed and restored, helping Jesus to build the Kingdom of God, relying on the Holy Spirit, as our teacher, to help us "get to grips" with the Bible.

We have had experience of being members of and leading small groups for c. 40 years.

Solid Ground Training has operated since 2017

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Office Work


Suggested books and online content that will make your life so much easier.
This will not take away the need to train and study the Bible, but prove very useful in your study and preparation.

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Parties & Events

Oh yes, Having fun  is one of the musts, whether its celebrating birthdays, Christmas, etc, we need to have fellowship and to show love to one another,


Courses specifically chosen and tested to provide your group with a brilliant insight to the topic or book covered, and to aid information retention.


What we provide


“Education is the key that unlocks the golden door to freedom.”

George Washington Carver



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Who does what? how do we manage the group? How do we keep people safe? these are all the 'box of tricks' of running a group.
Along with the course suggestions, we provide Presentation slides and other helps.